Behavioral Interventions Using Proven Treatments

Kendall Behavioral Solutions in Martins Ferry, Ohio has been offering pediatric behavioral interventions for more than seven years. We use Applied Behavior Analysis to provide proven teaching techniques as we work with children and their families.

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ABA Therapy

Every child has potential, and we won't give up until we help them find it. We work with children and families in their natural environments to provide comprehensive and professional services that help maximize your child's potential.

Our goal with behavioral services is to have a deeper understanding of the home and family to provide skillful and compassionate intervention services. This approach also helps fill the gap between home and school support.

Our Services

We emphasize building the skills parents can use to manage a child’s behavior. Our specialists, led by Kathleen Kendall, use an innovative and individualized approach in dealing with each client. You can turn to us for any of the following:

  • Skills assessment

  • Development of goals for in-home programs

  • Direct ABA treatment

  • Communication training

  • Daily living skills (including toilet training)

  • Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention

  • Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA)

  • Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP)

  • Skills training (for both the child and the family)

  • Behavioral consultations

  • Parent training

  • School consultations and programs

  • Teacher training

  • BCBA supervision (for future BCBAs, BCaBAs, and RBTs)

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Support Your Child’s Behavioral Health

Get compassionate and understanding behavioral services at Kendall Behavioral Solutions. Contact us for more information and general concerns about our services.